I call Lexigraph an OC, but it might be more accurate to call her a design. I use Lexi’s base design principals in many places: avatar systems, doll makers, and games where you are not really playing as a defined character.

So what makes a character into Lexi? There are some non-negotiable aspects:

  • Dark skin
  • White hair with streaks when possible
    • When I can choose the colors, I use colors from Subeta’s spectrum palette
      #c61dfe, #07f73f, #ff1c8d, #0aa7fc, #fe832b, #fdf506, #06c4fe
  • Golden-yellow eyes
  • Mask or similar face covering

Then there are some aspects that are a little more mutable, but still occur frequently:

  • Silver or white tattoos with a somewhat runic design, or else bones. Her canon tattoo design is that from the ‘Rune Reading Kit’ item on Subeta (which I designed!), along with a arm. Unfortunately I can’t display the full set on-site any more, since the tattoo parlor is not a feature, but here’s the design. Click for a full reference:
    Some tattoo designs
  • Elf ears
  • Avant garde or strange clothing; leg shape should be visible even when covered
  • Impish or fiendish expression and attitude

Here are some of the oldest saved avatars I have for Lexi, from before she even really had a name and when there were… far fewer clothing options!

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