Painted: March-July 2019

Drycha: the emotionally unstable tree mecha that stole my heart and inspired a whole color scheme.

I won’t be going into too much detail about the process of painting Drycha here — I talk about my thought processes and colors used on the Coral Sylvaneth: Process post. Here are a few more angles of the final images. I couldn’t find any of my in-progress pictures, though I know I surely took some! Drycha is most “out of the box”, though I put in both the flutterfuries and squirmlings to avoid having to pick, and added some barnacles made from vallejo putty.

And of course, her band of outcast spite-revenants, painted with the same ‘water bodies’ (and finished with gloss varnish) that Drycha herself has.

I really love how these models go together, and hope we get to see more outcast-type models in the future!