Art of my Torf adoptables on the now-defunct Squiby. Many colors, such the candy-themed ‘Sweetheart’, were based on colors from Subeta,

but I also created Neopets colors and other fanworks as well as completely original designs. Unfortunately I’ve lost a fair number of the larger files 🙁


Adoptables created on Flight Rising, showcasing their breeds and accessories in a chibi, cel-shaded style; here are some of my favorites.





Chirr, the apples of my eye! Little adoptables I made for a forum around 2005, they had rudimentary genetics and I have returned to the idea over and over. To the left is the latest rendition, and below you can see the original art. On the left, the first rendition, then below that, the first revision I made as I improved with pixel art. Finally, two unused pixel revisions, as I often return to revamp them and brainstorm their future. Currently, they live on 4dopt.

And a random smattering of critter and creature art, mostly sketchy.

Art copyright to Lexigraph